Summer project

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The SportQuest team makes you feel special and they show you that everybody is special in the presence of God
— J.B.

Change does not happen by sitting still and watching passively. Belgium needs youth who are willing to make a change! 

SportQuest wants to help churches reach youth with the Gospel. Through teamwork, dedication, involvement and service we accept the challenge. 

God wants to use you to have an impact in the life of youth that do not know Him yet. We dare you to step out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge! The friendships you will build and the adventures you will have, will give you the opportunities to be a part of God’s hart for this world. 

SportQuest is not all about sport, it’s about building God’s Kingdom. By God’s strength and mercy youth come to faith and churches are being built up and encouraged. Sport is the language, youth the target, churches the key, and relationships the necessity. SportQuest needs you! 


What will happen?

A SportQuest Summer Project always begins with our training camp. The training camp (5 days) is primarily focused on team-building, workshops, and sport preparation, even though there will plenty of time for fun and relaxation. The workshops are reviewed and altered yearly in order to best serve the attending athletes. It is our desire that the training camp will give the athletes the best possible preparation for their weeks of evangelization and ministry that is ahead of them. 

After training camp are the action weeks. The athletes will be split up in different groups, based on their sport, and will travel to their local partner churches. Our goal is to help the church to reach the youth in their area. In the morning there will be time for bible study and sport preparation. Some churches have a special program for the local youth in the morning. In the afternoon, we go to the sport field (the gym, the court, or the pitch) where we meet the youth for a fun sport afternoon. SportQuest Belgium has two models we follow: Sport Clinics and the Community Cup. In the evening times, we usually have team building events or activities with the youth. 


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Sport Clinics

Clinics are sport specific camps geared towards teaching and guiding skills. Youth between the ages of 12 and 18 (this can be different in some of our locations) are welcome to participate, even if they don’t have any experience in this sport. The focus is primarily on playing, which makes it fun for all levels. During the daily break there will be an athlete who will give his/her testimony. After the testimony the coaches will split up in to different groups and ask questions to the youth about the testimony. 

At the end of the week there is a SportQuest Night. This night is the festive closing event to our SportQuest week. There will be some good food, special prizes for the participants, and fun games. The essence however is on the Gospel message. During the night there will be one or multiple testimonies, a serious skit, and a team member will share the Gospel with the entire group. Our goal is to get youth excited about starting a relationship with Jesus, and guiding them in that step. 


Community Cup

Community Cup is a special strategy to reach youth. The idea to go to the youth’s turf to play with them has been around since the beginning of SportQuest. In Belgium, soccer is the most popular sport by far and is the perfect sport for this model. During the week we go to the local soccer field to join the youth. We will play earn their respect playing against them, and focus on building relationships throughout the week. 

What makes the Community Cup model so special is the last day. Throughout the week we encourage the youth to assemble teams for a one day tournament that will be played on Friday. The teams will battle it out who will become champion. Throughout the tournament there will be extra prices to be won, but more important are the opportunities for us to share testimonies and the Gospel with the entire group.

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