Summer  project

Change doesn’t happen if you’re watching from the sidelines. Belgium needs young people who want to make a difference in their community.

Through teamwork, dedication, involvement, and service, SportQuest wants to help churches reach young people with the Gospel. God wants to use you to have an impact on young people who don’t know Him. By stepping out of your comfort zone, going out and building relationships, and being involved with God's heart for this world, you can make a difference. You are the hands and feet of the Body of Christ. SportQuest need you!


A SportQuest Summer Project begins with training camp. During training camp (5 days), we focus on team building, evangelization, discipleship, Belgian culture, sport clinic preparation and more. It is our desire to prepare the young people, who join SportQuest, for the evangelization that will take place over the following weeks.

After training camp we go to the local churches to serve. In different groups, divided by sport, we serve the churches by helping them reach the young people in their communities. We take the time for Bible study in the morning, and our preparation for the camps in the afternoon. In the afternoon, we facilitate sport clinics for the local youth while building relationships and sharing our faith. The evening is spent together as a team, or going to different events that the young people from our clinics participate in. 

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