What is the goal of sportquest?

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The ultimate goal of SportQuest is making disciples for Christ. Through Sports and Play, SportQuest wants to bring youth together and build meaningful relationships with them. These relationships will give us the opportunity to share our faith with them.

Bringing FAITH, YOUTH and SPORT together. 

SportQuest is not only about sports, but about building God's Kingdom. Through God's power, kids come together in order to learn more about faith and to build relationships among the church community. Sport is the language, kids are the target, church is the key and relationships are necessary!


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Based on the Bible, we are certain that God is real, He loves us, and wants to build a friendship with us and all the people we meet. Bases on that truth we want show God’s love to others in word and deed. 


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Each young person we come in contact with during SportQuest is unique. Our desire is to bring boys and girls together through SPORT and PLAY. Whether they are a teenager or a young adult, they have a different culture, language, background, opinions, lifestyle or have no experience playing sports, EVERYBODY is welcome at SportQuest.


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“If you want to reach young people, you will have to meet them in their world, interests, and passions.” Many of the youth in this world are involved in sport and play. Their identity is formed within this world. By training and guiding them in sport and play, SportQuest will not just have an impact in their sport accomplishments, but even more in their development as a person.


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SportQuest can only be possible with the help of people, churches, and partners all over Belgium that have a passion for youth and God. SportQuest is not all about sport, it’s about building God’s Kingdom. By God’s strength and mercy youth come to faith and churches are being built up and encouraged. Sport is the language, youth the target, churches the key, and relationships the necessity.