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SportQuest België

Sint-Jansbergsesteenweg 97 

3001 Leuven


Tel.+32 483157191


BE10 0014 7350 8004

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What do we do throughout the year?

As relationships are built through sport and outdoor adventure, we seek to develop the God-given giftings and callings in each person’s life.  We were not called to live for ourselves but to lay down our lives to serve others and participate in the mission of God in this world.  Throughout the year we continue coming alongside the churches in order to continue building relationships with the kids. We aren't just called to go, but we are called to make disciples. 

We have a calendar of activities that take place throughout the year in every church city that we partner with. Not only does it have the various reunions, but also different events that we are hosting such as sport tournaments, trainings, and fundraisers. 

Please feel free to check them out, and you are more than welcome to attend whichever even that you would like.

Upcoming Events





Summer Classic

5th Quarter Invitational