Change does not arise by sitting still and watching passively. Belgium needs young people who want to make the difference themselves! SportQuest wants to help municipalities reach young people with the Gospel. We take on the challenge through teamwork, dedication, commitment, and service.


God wants to use you to have an impact in the lives of young people who do not yet know Him. So get out of your comfort zone and take on the challenge! The friendships you will build and the adventures you will experience will give you the opportunity to be involved in God's heart for this world.


SportQuest is not just about sports, it's about building God's Kingdom. Through God's strength and grace, young people come to faith and churches are encouraged and built up. Sport and service are the language, young people the target group, municipalities the key, and relationship the necessity! SportQuest needs you!

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What actually happens?

A SportQuest summer project always starts with a training camp. The training camp (one weekend) is all about team-building, workshops, and sports preparation, although there will also be plenty of room for fun and relaxation. The workshops are adjusted every year to make the ends as good as possible for their mission. It is our desire to let the young people meet the means of the training camp.


After the training camp and the action weeks: In different groups, divided by sport, we go to local partner communities for young people in the reach of young people. In the morning we take the time for Bible study and sports preparation. These municipalities also have a special program for local youth in the morning. In the afternoon we go to the sports field (sports hall, square, or sports field) where we meet young people for a fun afternoon of sports. SportQuest Belgium works on the basis of two models: Sport Clinics or Community Cup. In the evening there is usually team-building with the young people.



Beginning in 2000, Belgium is the longest ongoing PWP Project that SportQuest has initiated, and each year the number of lives that are touched grows exponentially across this special nation. Partnering with local churches and sport clubs, you and your team will be equipped and empowered to use sports as a tool to help people discover Jesus. The project starts with a three-day training camp that will help you bond with your team as well as prepare you culturally, athletically, and spiritually.  

After training camp there will be a break for a week before the project weeks start. Every participant has the choice to do one, two, or three project weeks. During your project week you will lead week-long, high-energy sports camps that will allow you to tear down religious walls, build relationships, and share your story with the community.

As you teach kids in your specific sport, you not only enhance their skills, but build relationships. One of the most rewarding aspects of our sports clinics is that you create a bond with campers as well as church volunteers that provides a foundation to talk to them about faith. Just like our motto, we bring faith, kids and sports together in order to grow God's Kingdom.

It is a special strategy to reach young people. The idea that we go to young people to work together in their field has been going on since the start of SportQuest. In Belgium, football is by far the most popular sport and it is also the sport par excellence to follow this model. During the week we go to the local square or football field and play together with the young people who show up in the afternoon. Our goal is to build our way of playing, respect and friendships with the young people and invite them to come back the following days. What makes the Community Cup so special is our last day. Throughout the week we encourage the youngsters to put together teams for a one-day tournament that will be played on Friday. The teams compete for each other who becomes the champion. Throughout the tournament, there are extra prizes that can be won, but more important are the possibilities to share testimonies and the Gospel with the group.

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