"God had a big impact in my life this past SportQuest weeks.The team was great! I loved the structure we had, it was clear, balanced and interactive. I have had a lot of fun and saw the effect."

"SportQuest was a SUPER experience! Both the other leaders and the youth at the camps, this is a really positive way to share the Gospel. SportQuest understands that Evangelization works through sport! "

"Through SportQuest I got to know people who can help me in my life with God, I have learned to bring out my faith, SportQuest tests and helps me grow so that I can make my own choices to share Jesus. to put our trust in God we see how He changes the lives of the young people. "


"SportQuest has effected me in a lot of ways: spiritually, mentally and also in the way I play basketball. SQ taught me how to appreciate the little things in life and helped me see how my choices can have an effect others. They also showed me the way to the Lord, and have shown me how I can serve him the best way. I will continue to go to SQ and to serve and admire God's creation."


"Four years ago, I started SportQuest, and since then I have seen life differently through everything we discuss in that week, and I've learned a lot in all the years I've come in. From friendship, sport and Bible. Since SQ, much more positive, SportQuest has made me a more positive person, and in those four years I have made a ton of new friends that I am really proud of, and during that week of SQ I really feel at home!"


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